Add Existing YouTube Video

For many of you reading this, you were so thrilled by the sound of your new camshaft that you beat us to the punch and have already added a video of your vehicle to YouTube. If this is the case, there’s no reason to re-upload your video to YouTube. You can simply grab the “share” link and add it to a new entry here on the site.

To grab your YouTube share link, on YouTube’s site click the “Share” link under the video you’d like to use here on This gives you a link that you can copy and paste. Right click on that link and copy it. The link should look something like this –

Once you have the video link copied, you can paste it into the “Existing YouTube Video” box during Step 2 of the Add Video procedure here on If you are adding an existing YouTube video, there is no reason to upload your video directly to

Here’s a screen grab from the YouTube video page (immediately below the video window) showing how to get the share link.
YouTube Share Process