COMP 285B-6 250/260@.050″ 106LSA, SBC

Chevy 302 12.5:1 compression Fully Ported 492 angle plugs 2.05/160 valves. Custom 950cfm holley , 6al-2 programmable ignition , progressive 2 stage 400 shot of juice.
Caltrac rear suspension

Very nice cam. Pull hard to 7600

COMP XE282S 244/252@.050 110LSA, SBC

Small Block Chevy 400 Bored 40 over , Eagle 4340 crank, Eagle 5.7 full floating rods, Srp Pistons, Comp extreme cam 282-s World SportmansII heads , pocket ported comp valve job, HEI with msd box edelbrock performer rpm intake, 780 holley 3310 vacuum secondary’s, 175 shot of laughing gas Hahaaa!

COMP Magnum 270AHR 215/220@.050 114CL, 4.3L

Ported intake heads and exhaust manifolds. 3 inch single exhaust.

COMP 255DEH 203/216@.050 110LSA, 331 SBF

new 331 stroker 10:1 comp ratio e-street 1.90 heads, performer intake, stock exhaust manifolds with dual exhaust flowmaster delta 40s. Cam gives 15.5 inches of vacumm at 4500ft at 32 deg. F. Good to great low end, excellent mid to upper rpm

COMP Magnum 305H 253/253@.050 110LSA

Camaro small block 377 De-stroked 400 – Hooker Super Comp Headers, Pypes Exhaust with Flowmaster Mufflers

COMP Custom Grind 257/265@.050 106LSA, 427 SBC

1981 camaro 13:1 comp solid roller, 1/7/8″ headers, super victor 2 intake, AED 950, best ET 10.53 @ 125, TH 350 5100 stall, 4.10 gears.

COMP Big Mutha’ Thumpr, 383 SBC

1955, 150, Chevrolet, 383 AFR heads, victor intake,PTC converter,350 turbo, 9″ rearend,hooker headers, borla mufflers.

COMP 275DEH 219/229@.050″ 110LSA, SBC 350

4 bolt block,’90 tbi heads ported n polished, air gap intake, flat top pistons, 9.32:1 compression ratio, performer carburetor, Accel h.e.i., summit headers,3×12 cherry bomb mufflers,10° timing, 700r4 with shift kit,3.73 posi. Sounds good!

Lunati Voodoo 227/233@.050 110LSA, 350

Stock GM Goodwrench 350 bottom end with better stock Chevy heads with 2.02/1.6 valves, about 9.2:1 comptession, Performer RPM, 675 Quick Fuel vacuum secondaries, 2 1/2″ exhaust using Summits Flowmaster knock offs.

COMP Thumpr, 6-71 Blown 355 SBC

55 Chevy with a 355 small block running a CompCams Thumpr series cam. The engine was purpose built with a 6-71 BDS Supercharger running 1 to 1. Headers are from Doug’s headers running through 3 inch stainless steel pipe. The mufflers are from Stainless Specialties and are straight through. Exhaust exits just in front of the rear tires.