COMP XE250H 206/212@.050″ 110LSA, 283

Camshaft Brand
Vehicle Make
Chevy / GM
Small Block (Gen 1)
Camshaft Name/Description (Product Line, Grind Details, etc)
Xtreme Energy XE250H 206/212@.050" 110LSA
Camshaft Part Number
Hometown (City, State)
Chardon, Ohio
Owner's Name
Jonathon Yarger

Vehicle Description

This is my 1967 Impala convertible with the original 283, original powerglide, and 2 bbl carb. The bottom was rebuilt by Hutter Racing Engines in Chardon, Ohio last December. (I know–overkill!) I asked for a very stock cam and this is what he put in–it runs like it should! Smooth and easy. This is obviously not a racer; it’s a daily driver that accelerates just fine and idles like it should. The interior was redone to match the original by Suburbon Auto Body in Cleveland, Ohio. I love it! And the best part is that this is the actual first car I ever owned. Dad bought it in 1973 when I was a junior in high school for me to drive. (Actually i think he wanted a convertible too.) It got me through college and then sat in his barn for 15 years before I retrieved it and restored it. Next up, redoing the original heads. The sound you hear is what I like–it may be a boat but I wanted to hear the motor a little bit. A little squeak in the exhaust, but I’ll find that and tighten it up directly. Enjoy!