Create A Video

Creating the video of your camshaft sound is an easy process. Below is a quick, three step process to get your camshaft sound added to the site.

  1. Record Your Video

    • Suggested Length: 20-30 seconds
    • Start the video with the car already running or have someone else record from outside the car while you crank the car.
    • Don’t get too close to the exhaust. The small microphones in smart phones can’t handle the wind noise from the exhaust.
    • Move around the rear of the vehicle to show how the sound changes from directly to the rear of the vehicle to the side of the vehicle.
  2. Upload Video

    • The entire upload process can be conducted from the Add Video page. There is no need to upload your video to YouTube prior to creating your camshaft sound entry.
    • Uploading the video can take a few minutes. Please be especially patient with slower connections
  3. Share Your Video

    Once your video has been ulpoaded, you will see several social media icons. Each of those icons will allow you to share your new camshaft sound entry to the world. Show off your ride!